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    How close are we to electric aircraft?

    The aircraft industry has come a long way from the Wright Brothers – ever-changing and evolving over the years. The performance of private jets continues to be refined with advances in engine technology and cabin systems making them more efficient than ever before. The next major leap? All-Electric Aircraft. How close are we to electric […]

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    Why are Private Jets White

    Why Are Private Jets White?

    Why Are Private Jets White? Have you ever wondered why most private jets are white? Surprisingly, they don’t start off as white! Private Jets are usually green during their testing stage. Not to be confused with military aircraft, the undercoat of zinc phosphate primer is what makes them a military green colour. Let’s see the […]

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    private jet charter

    What is Cabotage, and how does it impact Private Jet Charters?

    What is Cabotage, and how does it impact Private Jet Charters? Cabotage comes from the French word caboter and refers to an air law.  Cabotage is the right to operate a domestic flight, meaning carriage of passengers or cargo between two airports within the borders of one country, by an aircraft registered outside of that […]

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    executive charter plane

    Which private executive jet is the right size for your company?

    Do you ever wish you could teleport, or be in two places at once? Well, by choosing Private Jet Charter, our executive air charter service allows this dream to become very close to reality! Private Jet Charter is saving executives around the world precious time. Our air charter service is not only fast, but it […]

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    private jet security

    What is the security process when flying Private Jet Charter®?

    Flying private, as the word suggests, is a much more seamless experience than flying with a commercial airliner especially when it comes to airport security. If you value convenience and expedience, professional and discreet services, then travelling by Private Jet is for you. Forget about endless queues, dodging through chaotic airport crowds, and having to […]

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    How do I hire a Private Jet?

    When it comes to booking a private jet for your travelling needs there are many factors to consider. To make it a quick and easy process follow our step by step Q&A’s: Where can i travel to by private jet? Anywhere in the world. We can source the closest airport to where you need to […]

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