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    Has the coronavirus affected private flights?

    Has the coronavirus affected private flights? At the moment, it’s a fluid situation, and operational protocols are changing daily. Private Jet Charter is continuously monitoring the status of the COVID-19 outbreak considering current advice from governments, health, and aviation authorities. Below you can see which areas have been affected by the virus. Red zones are […]

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    March 13th, 2020

    COVID-19 – should you postpone air travel?

    The current coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, which began in December 2019, presents a significant challenge for the entire world. Commercial air travel has undoubtedly taken the biggest hit with Flybe even going out of business in the UK, and Italy going into complete lockdown. While many travellers are experiencing travel disruption and cancellations from commercial airliners, […]

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    March 12th, 2020
    Can Private Jets fly into cities with reported coronavirus cases?

    Has the Coronavirus halted Private Jet Charter in Asia?

    Has the Coronavirus halted Private Jet Charter in Asia? The spread of the coronavirus has affected travel to and from China and other busy cities across Asia and Eastern Europe. Several continents have even reduced flights by 50% in and out of these areas. The safest option? Take a private flight, and reduce the risk […]

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    February 21st, 2020