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    Welcome to a world where the sky is not the limit, but the beginning of an unparalleled journey. Introducing the Avier Jet Card Membership, brought to you by Private Jet Charter, your gateway to a lifestyle where luxury and convenience converge at 40,000 feet. Discover the exclusive benefits that make the Avier Jet Card the epitome of personalized air travel.

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    Why Choose the Avier Jet Card?

    Owning your own fleet of jets might seem like a distant dream, burdened with financial commitments and logistical hassles. Enter the Avier Jet Card, a revolutionary membership program that grants you the freedom to fly at your command without the burdens of ownership.

    Whether you’re jetting off for business or pleasure, the Avier Jet Card offers a fixed-price, on-demand private jet experience tailored to your specific travel needs. Here’s how it works: purchase as many flying hours as you desire at our guaranteed rates (with a minimum initial purchase of 20 hours), and add more hours as you need them. Use these hours at your convenience, deducting them from your credit balance at the agreed fixed hourly rates. It’s simplicity at its finest.


    Exclusive Benefits of Avier Jet Card Membership:

    *No Monthly Management Fees: Enjoy the freedom of flying without the added burden of monthly management fees.

    *No Membership Fees: Join the elite circle of Avier Jet Card members without any upfront membership fees.

    *No Minimum Term: Experience flexibility with no minimum commitment. Fly on your terms.

    *Unlimited Jet Card Sharing: Share the luxury and convenience with friends, family, or colleagues at no extra cost.

    *Complimentary Bar: Revel in the journey with our fully stocked complimentary bar, including soft drinks, wines, and spirits.

    *Choice of Catering: Tailor your in-flight experience with a personalized choice of catering options.

    *VIP Transfer to Your Aircraft: Begin your journey with VIP treatment from the moment you arrive at the airport.

    *Use of Private Jet Terminals: Skip the crowds and enjoy the privacy of private jet terminals.

    *Use of VIP Airport Lounges: Relax and unwind in VIP airport lounges before and after your flight.

    *VIP & Secure Check-Ins: Experience expedited and secure check-ins for a seamless travel experience.

    *Fast Customs and Immigration Clearance: Say goodbye to lengthy clearance processes and enjoy swift entry.

    *Two Flight Crew as Standard: Travel with confidence with a standard two-flight crew, plus a flight attendant where applicable.

    *Choice of Newer Aircraft: Embrace the latest in aviation technology and luxury with our selection of newer aircraft.

    *Global Coverage:

    *No destination is too remote. Our global coverage ensures you can reach any corner of the world.

    *Interchange Aircraft Categories: Tailor your journey by choosing from a variety of aircraft categories to suit your specific needs.

    *Expert Personal Account Manager 24/7: Rest easy knowing that our expert personal account managers are available around the clock to assist you.


    Join the ranks of those who embrace a lifestyle of luxury and freedom in travel. Avier Jet Card Membership from Private Jet Charter is not just a service; it’s an invitation to redefine the way you experience the world.

    Embark on your journey with Avier Jet Card – Where Every Flight is a First-Class Experience!


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