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Air Freight and Cargo

Whether you are looking to transport oversized, hazardous, or urgent goods, we are here to find the best cargo jet charter for your needs.

We are trusted by thousands of people around the world because of our global network and expertise that ensures your freight is delivered on time.


Why choose Private Jet Charter?

  • At the forefront of air freight shipping for over 30 years.
  • We take care of customs declaration policies and other paperwork.
  • Regular updates for your peace of mind.
  • Punctual delivery.
  • On-the-ground flight representation as required.

Our air freight and cargo team will assist you in all stages of the process, from permits and clearances to arranging on-the-ground flight representation as required.

We offer a wide range of air cargo services and logistical support including:


With our hands-on approach to air cargo shipping, you will have the confidence and peace of mind that your items will arrive on time and in perfect condition.

Aircraft leasing

We offer a variety of aircraft leasing options including ACMI, wet-lease, damp-lease, and dry-lease solutions.

Animal transportation

Transporting animals by air is safer and faster than by road or by sea. We’ll move your animals in comfort and take care of any customs or quarantine clearances.


With us, you can ship spare parts, heavy engines, and entire vehicles. Whether you want to solve an AOG situation, deliver a missing item for your production chain, or a crucial spare part for your car, we’ll find the best solution for your needs.

Dangerous goods

We will transport your hazardous cargo safely from A to B. Our aviation experts are trained to handle even the most dangerous goods, including explosives, flammable liquids, toxic, radioactive, and even infectious materials.

Evacuation flights

We specialize in providing time-critical evacuation flights around the world, including evacuating stranded passengers, civil unrest, repatriation, natural disasters, and other travel disruptions.


We help governments and NGOs with their air cargo travel needs including global trade and transporting time-critical medicines such as vaccines.

Heavy and outsize goods

We specialize in the transportation of heavy and outsize cargo. Our trained aviation experts can handle and transit heavy and outsize cargo as well as provide various solutions to all your needs.


Humanitarian aid

We help NGOs, governments and aid agencies to deliver urgent humanitarian relief and supplies to areas having suffered floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, or other natural disasters.


We are a one-stop solution provider offering tailored air cargo services for both event organizers and delegates looking to plan or attend meetings, conferences, and exhibitions.

Music and entertainment

We offer integrated air cargo services for the music and entertainment industries. From stadium tours to private parties, you can leave the transport, loading, and logistics to us.

Oil and gas

We offer specific air cargo solutions for the oil and gas industries. Whether it is for oversized cargoes, hazardous products, or even industrial mechanical parts, we can provide you with the most suitable aircraft.

Onboard courier

Our onboard courier service offers the supervised delivery of sensitive, valuable, or time-critical shipment requirements in a quick, secure, and traceable manner. Whether it’s the hand-delivery of sensitive documents or vital automotive parts, our dedicated team will deliver your goods securely.

Special projects

Whether you’re planning a remote film shoot or a complex expedition, we will help you to achieve your goal.


We deliver charter solutions for the global sports industry by offering tailored flight solutions for sports professionals, teams and their equipment.

Time-critical solutions

We offer cargo charter solutions for time-critical freight. We deliver vital spare parts and equipment for diverse sectors, such as the oil and gas or the pharmaceutical industry like medical equipment, drugs, or vaccines.

Tour operators

We can offer charter programs for one-off flights to long-term contracts for inclusive tour package operators. We help travel management companies to expand their product portfolio to benefit their customers and help them keep up with the fast-changing travel landscape.


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