Planet sushi is renowned for providing it’s guests with a truly unique experience in the realm of sushi; offering a cool and trendy ambiance for guests to savour the exquisite tastes that will overwhelm even the most demanding of sushi connoisseurs. Blending Japanese traditional culinary with a European twist, Planet Sushi creates a stunning infusion for all the senses.

The chefs at Planet Sushi put as much detail into the design of their culinary creations as they do to the taste. These beautiful creations are over flowing with tantalizing flavour as well as nutrition and are real treats for both your taste buds, eyes and of course, for the soul.

These innovative recipes are absolutely inspiring; the attention to detail is outstanding and as you can see even a non-sushi lover would be tempted by these sumptuous treats.

Such treats include ingredients such as: Tempura Maki, Foie Gras and even Nutella (on the pudding menu).

Planet Sushi truly delivers on its ethos of providing impeccable taste and healthy food for sushi lovers. An absolute must if you’re a sushi enthusiast.