Lil Wayne the rapper, 32 can’t get everything he wants. The pilot turned the private jet around minutes after taking off from a Florida airport because Lil Wayne lit up a cigarette almost immediately after the wheels were up.

Lil Wayne told the pilot before takeoff that he and his entourage wanted to smoke during the flight.  As this was a non-smoking aircraft, the pilot objected to the performers request. However, after the jet had taken off, the passengers lit up anyway.   The furious pilot turned simply turned the plane around and landed back at Florida airport 17 minutes after taking off.

Its a point to remember for the future.  Many private jets have a no smoking on board rule.  If you want to smoke on board, you really need to check prior to booking that the aircraft does allow smoking….these days not quite so easy to find, as Lil Wayne found out the hard way!