Private Jet Charter are thrilled to introduce to you: TEAM USA!

Introducing Michelle Widmaier our new Business Development Manager, Kyle Patel our Charter Executive, Gerard Ordonez our Sales Executive and Derek Damgaard our Charter Manager.

 USA team usa

The team from left to right: Derek Damgaard, Kyle Patel, Michelle Widmaier and Gerard Ordonez

Michelle Widmaier 

michelle team usaMichelle has always had an early passion for aviation.  In high school she organized a group of students to petition for an aviation class, and was successful. She combined her love for volleyball and aviation very quickly. Michelle received a volleyball scholarship to attend Embry – Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, FL where she graduated with honors and received a Bachelor of Science in Aviation Business Administration. Whilst studying the copious aspects of business, she developed a love for sales and marketing. Michelle opened her first marketing company at the age of 25 but after many years of success felt that she still needed to achieve one unfulfilled goal; To be a part of the corporate aviation industry. She searched many months for the right company, before leaving her marketing company behind completely. After meeting president and CEO Hugh Courtney, discussing the company’s goals, and meeting Team USA, she knew Business Development Manager for Private Jet Charter was the perfect fit. Michelle brings intensity, enthusiasm, experience and a strong work ethic to the team and has huge goals for 2014 and beyond.

Kyle Patel

Kyle has always been interested kyle team usain aviation due to his father being a pilot, but he never imagined working in the field. As a home schooled child, his worldly travels started at a young age, when his mother took him around the world with her on business trips. Kyle learnt very quickly how to socialize in a professional environment thanks to all his travels having being business related. His interests by the age of 14 shifted from being a pilot to health and nutrition. Kyle studied physical therapy as well as nutrition for the beginning years of his college career and professionally trained several high performance clients, ranging from opera singers to professional female boxers. In November 2013, Kyle made the decision to sell some of his most valued possessions and move from Philadelphia to Boca Raton in search of a professional sales environment in a unique industry. With a little bit of luck accompanied with a good attitude, he was offered the position of broker for Private Jet Charter. While he still holds health and nutrition dear to him, his interest in aviation keeps him motivated and driven.

Gerard Ordonez

gerard team usa

Gerard originally hails from Long Island, New York but decided to moved to Miami, Florida at a young age where he joined the United States Air Force in 1981 and worked on F-15 Fighter Jets! He left the Air Force after 12 years and joined the civilian ranks in the job force. Gerard has held positions in Property Management, Teaching, Cemetery Monument Sales, Telecommunications, and International Produce Sales…Just to name a few. After being away from South Florida for close to 30 years, he returned “Home” and plans to finish life here in the Sunshine State. Gerard  met the CEO of Private Jet Charter Hugh Courtenay and impressed him so much that he was offered the job of Charter Executive.

 “I look forward to working in such a fine organization, as well as providing professional, courteous and timely assistance to Private Jet Charter clients”.

Derek Damgaard 

Derek team usaDerek Damgaard’s passion and enthusiasm for the aviation industry is long-standing and contagious. He brings our clients a wealth of private jet knowledge and professional experience in the travel, hospitality, luxury products and luxury services industries. In his early 20’s, his talent for sales became apparent when he joined the world’s top luxury supercar show in Monte-Carlo: Top Marques Monaco. In August of 2011, after having spent three years organizing the worlds only live supercar show, along with yachts and other luxury items for this annual event, he joined Private Jet Charter. He first worked in our Nice airport offices, before trying his hand at international sales at our head office in London. He then packed his bags and moved to our Ft Lauderdale office in order to gain a better grasp on the American side of the business. Derek brings an international flair to the team and is able to take care of our clients in English, French and Danish, and can even sell a plane charter in basic Italian, should the need arise! Derek looks forward to many years taking care of Private Jet Charter clients. 

So now you’ve met our amazing team!

Good luck Team USA and welcome to the world of Private Jet Charter