If you want to see the Formula 1 action in Germany without subjecting yourself to tiring journeys, airport parking, check-in queues and car hire formalities, let us arrange everything for you.

A CJ2 for 6 passengers would cost around £5500 return from London*. You leave when you want, use a VIP lounge and a private Terminal, have your choice of refreshments on board and share the aircraft with your friends and family.

We can arrange ground transportation to get you to and from the airports, so you can relax and get ready for the main event!

The original Nurburgring, the Nordschleife, ran for an awe-inspiring 22.5 kilometres (14 miles). It was so long and complicated that drivers simply could not remember a racing line. The Nurburgring was, in fact, two circuits: the Nordschleife and the Sudschleife. In total they had an amazing 172 corners.

German Grand PrixRedeveloped in 1984 the new track may not be as challenging as the old circuit, but it is still possible to take a trip down memory lane – literally. For just a few Euros one can take a car onto the old track and soak up what was one of the most feared and yet respected circuits in the history of motorsport.

A fantastic venue for all motorsport enthusiasts!

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*This is a good indication price, but prices vary depending on type of aircraft, length of stay, and availability of aircraft.