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With the current economic climate on the rise, corporate demand is opting to equal that rise. According to the results of a recent survey conducted by the Travel Leaders Group, almost 40% of business travel clients stated that they will be travelling more in 2014 compared with last year. Fantastic! With this notion comes an increased strength in demand for luxury business travel and private jets, which are once again becoming more and more sought after due to the numerous benefits of travelling privately to business related events, especially now that corporations are electing to put a larger emphasis on their business relations.

Unique Corporate Experiences for Your Clients

Not only is convenience a huge factor for your average business traveler, but so is providing clients with a more unique experience and what better way to do so than investing a private jet to your corporation’s business events. In 2011 corporate events stood for 18% of the UK’s event industry, with over 1.3 million meetings being hosted that year, which received £11 billion from events which were hosted within the UK and £1.4 billion from events hosted overseas. Now that the economy is on the rise, this demand is only going to continue in its incline, with popular meeting destinations such as Monaco and Dubai playing host to millions of business travelers jetting in from all across the world.

hawker_1000 meeting trendsbusiness meeting trendsReasons for Business Travelers to Travel via Private Jet

Travelling via Private Jet truly does take the acrimonious hassle out of travelling commercially. According to the Business Traveler Survey, one of the top travel concerns for business travelers were delayed flights, which accounted for 70.1% of the survey. Second was the limited seat availability and third was their ability to pass through security in time.

The key issue of flying commercially, being that business meetings will not always be able to correlate to commercial airline flights. Flying privately will eradicate all of these concerns by allowing you to fly by your own timetable in a luxurious and hassle free environment.Travelling privately also allows you to gain access to Wi-Fi (very handy for business) which was a substantial demand regarding corporate travel requirements. More than 59.7% stated that Wi-Fi access was imperative to their business travel requirements when flying.

At Private Jet Charter, we understand that travelling is not always about getting from A to B. With individual attention to detail and luxurious experiences from the moment you arrive at your chosen location of departure to the moment you are chauffeured to your desired destination, we will ensure that you will savor the convenient and exclusive experience that Private Jet Charter continuously delivers.

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