Private Jet to Tokyo

Private Jet to Tokyo

Imagine yourself with some time off coming up. Would you already know exactly how to spend it or would you need a little push? If you don’t know where or what to do then our section dedicated to the best destinations in the world is there to help. Depending on what you fancy, you’ll find one that fits your needs and we’ll send you flying to any destination you can dream of. And in this case, you might want to sit tight and learn more about: Tokyo!

Where is Tokyo?

Like everybody else you probably already know that Tokyo is in Japan. But if you’re having trouble locating it with more precision, just have a look at the map below. The best landmark to spot in Tokyo is the Tokyo Tower, a beacon as famous as the Eiffel Tower it was designed after. The capital of Japan is on the south east coast of the island of Honshu.

What to do in Tokyo?

Tokyo is home to Sumo tournaments which are a no miss event if you’re going there in January, May or September. Try to arrive early to catch the rikishi (ceremonial) parade. Shopping is also a must in Tokyo. Whether you’re looking for something traditional or new technology you will find everything you want. The Daimaru department store, for example, is an amazing location for Kimono shopping with even some expensive custom made models. Karaoke is also part of the Japanese culture and you’ll probably enjoy mixing with the locals, not only is the restaurants but in karaoke bars as well. A few things not to miss are Tokyo’s tallest tower “the Sky Tree” (634 meters in height), the National Museum (often referred to as the Louvres of Japan) and Shinjuku Goyen National Garden.

Check out this video of the best 25 things to do while in Tokyo. This could be you!

Where to stay in Tokyo?

The Ritz Carlton hotel in Tokyo is one of the most luxurious hotels in the area. You will be greeted in Japanese or in English and treated like a king in all the hotel facilities. There are many facilities available such as a business centre, board rooms, a sauna, a spa, an indoor pool, a fitness centre, a coffee shop, a restaurant and more. The hotel is equipped with Wi-Fi in all rooms and public areas. Valet parking is available if you have a car. Rooms offer a wonderful view of the city, especially of the Tokyo Tower, even from a few stories high. You will enjoy the 24 hour room service and babysitting services which help you create relaxing moments in your room or simply relax with a massage at the spa. Businessmen will probably enjoy the executive floor and the business centre. The hotel is located in the Midtown area, in view of the Tokyo Bay, at a convenient distance from the shops and airports.

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Tokyo is nestled between two airports, Haneda to the South and Narita to the East, making the town easily accessible even from outside the country. Haneda Airport was even recognized as the most punctual airport in the world!

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