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    Embraer Legacy 450

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    Embraer Legacy 450 Information

    The Embraer Legacy 450 is truly a remarkable union of technology and design. At 6-feet tall and 24-feet long, with a flat roof, the Legacy 450’s cabin is one of the largest in its class. Two center club seats fully berth to create beds, so you can catch up with sleep in flights. It also has an extremely large stowage capacity

    It is one of the fastest midsize corporate jets in the air. The Legacy 450 has excellent short field landing performance and in April 2016 became the first medium jet to be approved to land at St Tropez La Mole Airport.

    Embraer Legacy 450 Specifications

    500 kts
    Cruise Speed
    2500 nm
    Max Range
    Max Capacity
    H: 5 ft 9
    Max Height

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