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    Falcon 2000 Series

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    Dassault a French aircraft manufacture have long been recognized for their high standards of performance and technological advancements, however when they announced that the new Falcon would be optimized for economy they startled the aviation world. It is clear to see that certainly did not deviate from their usual high standard of excellence. The Falcon 2000 has a large cabin, transcontinental range and fast cruise speeds. Importantly this powerful twin jet aircraft can manage high, hot and short runways.

    To start the spacious cabin has a volume of 1,024 cubic feet and can usually seat up to 12 passengers. This depends on the individual configuration as if desired they can be designed to hold up to 19 passengers. With 12 passengers some of the seats can be fully reclined to form comfortable flat beds ensuring maximum rest can be achieved on your journey.

    The range of the Falcon 2000 while carrying eight passengers is 5,550 Kilometers and the cabin itself is rated to 8.8psi, meaning it can maintain a sea level cabin even at altitudes of 25,300 feet. This effectively reduces the effect of cabin pressure on the passengers who will not feel as fatigued after the flight.

    One of the biggest advantages of the Falcon 2000 as stated is its transcontinental range. Travel in ultimate comfort and luxury non-stop from Dubai to London, Abu Dhabi to Geneva and Riyadh to Milan with the inconvenience of a fuel stop.

    Falcon 2000 Series Specifications

    440 kts
    Cruise Speed
    4000 nm
    Max Range
    Max Capacity
    H: 6 ft 1
    Max Height

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