Spike Aerospace, has announced plans to create the first ever supersonic business jet by the end of 2018. This plane is to reduce flights by half there normal time. This will make the plane have significant value for global business competetion as it will create long haul locations to be overall closer and save time. The usual six-seven hour flight from London to New York will be reduces hugely to just 4 hours which will have great demand for wealthy business leaders.

The new aircraft in the business jet market is forecast to cost between US$60mn and US$80mn and will be able to hold a maximum of 18 passengers comfortably. Slight changes have been made to keep up with 21st century technology, instead of windows a introduction to a large display screen that shows panoramic views that the external aircraft cameras have captured. Other photos can also be uploaded to the jet’s system and shown on the screen.

However the plane has a couple of problems to encounter for flights and destinations it can take off from and land at due to environmental issues and sound of aircraft. The Federal Aviation Administration in America have outlawed supersonic flights over the country, with this legislation not expected to change until more environment friendly and quieter aircraft are produced.