We are delighted to be able to offer clients a unique opportunity to charter the UK’s first and only VIP-configured Sikorsky S-92.

This beautiful helicopter represents an unprecedented charter opportunity with the ability to transfer up to 16 passengers in VIP luxury.

Sikorsky aircraft are the first choice helicopter for royalty, heads of state and captains of industry, as they are known to be one of the most reliable and powerful helicopters in executive charter operations.

S92 interior1The Sikorsky S-92 offers unrivalled capacity, range and speed and with the spacious and quiet, stand-up executive cabin the interior is closer to that of a large private jet. Leather seats and air-conditioning combine with Sikorsky’s Active Vibration Absorbing Control System (AVS) to offer a smooth and stylish ride.

Subject to its load the S-92 can fly 16 passengers and their baggage up to 500 miles at nearly 190 mph. With an on board WC, the option to fly with a cabin attendant and a London to Paris flight time of one hour, this aircraft presents options to rival those of most corporate jets.

The S-92 presents many exciting options for clients as the UK events season is getting well underway.

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