What’s a Google Jet?

Ok, settle down, it’s not a new spy aircraft. It’s not going to implement new maps on Google Street View either. The Google Jet is simply Google founder’s new private jet. It’s a Boeing 767-200 modified to seat 50 passengers in more than comfortable conditions. However, you might be disappointed if you expected to see the company logo on the side of the plane. As you can see on the picture below, the Google Jet looks fairly plain.

article-2072779-0F23D2CD00000578-40_634x286 Google Jet


What does it do?

Alright, the Google Jet doesn’t look that different. So what makes it so special? Well, in addition to its VIP interior which is said to include 2 boardrooms, a shower, a lounge/dining room and 15 first class seats; it features a few scientific equipment. That equipment allowed Google founders the right to land on NASA’s runways which are very close to the Googolplex. The founders would also like to acquire the famous Hangar 1, one of the oldest and biggest hangars in the world.

moffetfield Google Jethangar1 Google Jet

The Google Jet, registered by the FAA under the number N2767, allows Google founders and anybody they feel like taking on board, to save some precious time on their business trips. Even though the original investment or 15 million dollars plus refurbishment fees may sound like a big amount, it has no doubt already been recouped. Keep in mind that without their private jet, they would have to use commercial flights, hotels, and overall loose precious working time on their journey. Those who would criticize the environmental impact of such a purchase will also feel reassured by the company’s policy to keep its carbon print as low as possible. Some of us have ever heard the jet might be used for philanthropic purposes.

googlecar Google Jetgoogle-crittenden-moffett-field Google Jet

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