Private Jet to Paris

Private Jet to Paris

Going for a vacation abroad is a perfect opportunity to spend your time doing something you enjoy. Whether you like exercising, hunting, fishing, sightseeing or even working with Private Jet Charter, it’s easy to make a booking to any destination. If you’re having trouble choosing a destination, simply read a little more of our destination section where we recommend the best places to visit on the planet such as, in this instance: Paris!

Where is Paris?

There are many towns in the world named Paris. Today, we’re talking about Paris, in France. Known around the world for its romantic escapade and the Eiffel Tower, Paris has a lot to offer. If you feel lost about its location, you’ll find your way easily by checking out this map:

What to do in Paris?

Whether you’re looking for a romantic time with your significant other or for a holiday of culture hunting Paris will have something for you. Many couples enjoy spending time in the French capital city to enjoy shopping on the Champs Elysées, dining in the finest restaurants and spend time in the most romantic locations available. The Eiffel Tower is often chosen as a romantic sightseeing destination but there are many more romantic locations to see in Paris, such as the bateau-mouches on the Seine river.

For those who would like to extend their stay with something a little more thrilling than just sightseeing but that can rejoice the whole family or just couples, Paris has very convenient access to the Disneyland theme park where you will find two parks in one as well as many hotels and restaurants.

Of course, a trip to Paris wouldn’t be complete without a healthy dose of culture. The Louvres Museum, farther than being featured in several movies, will keep you entertained for days on end (trust me, I tried to see an entire arm of the museum in just one day and I ran out of time about halfway through). Versailles is another sight to behold. The site is not only interesting from an architectural standpoint but also from a historical point of view. The gardens and the Hall of Mirrors are guaranteed to leave you stunned. If you’re a fan of architecture then we recommend you check Paris’ bridges, cathedral and Arc de Triomphe.

Here is a video by showing what there is to do in Paris:

Where to stay in Paris?

Located on the Champs Elysées, (conveniently close to the Eiffel Tower, the Musée d’Orsay and the luxury shops) the George V hotel will bring you satisfaction in every aspect of your stay. First thing you will notice is obviously the view. The hotel will take you above the roofs of Paris and you will enjoy watching the Eiffel Tower completely illuminated at night. Rooms are equipped with Wi-Fi, CD/DVD player and library, interactive TV, minibar, coffee machine and safe. You will enjoy the restaurant Le Cinq or the La Galerie depending on your tastes of French cuisine or Le Bar when you just want to enjoy a drink. To help you relax, the George V offers a spa with saunas, whirlpools, body treatments and even a pool.

For bookings: or +1 954-271-7103

Several airports are located near Paris, the best known being Charles de Gaulle international airport and make the city very easy to access. French trains and particularly the Eurostar as well as the subway make access to parts of the big city much more convenient.

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