Private Jet to New York

Private Jet to New York

If you’ve been so busy that taking a break hasn’t been possible for years and that you finally have some free time you might be wondering what to do with it. Lucky for you, at Private Jet Charter, we’ve compiled many possible destinations so that you can choose quickly and make the most of your holiday. And in this case, we would like to present a very famous town to you : New York!

Where is New York?

New York City is one of the most famous cities in the world. It is, quite obviously, in the state of New York, on the East coast of the United States. Of course, sometimes, a map won’t hurt when you need to locate it:

What to do in New York?

One of the most iconic things to see in New York is undoubtedly Central Park. As you can see on the image below, it’s a quite impressive oasis of green in the middle of the city. After enjoying the park you may want to enjoy the view of the city from above. You can see it very well from the top of the Empire State Building. You don’t even have to be a giant ape to enjoy it; 22 dollars will be enough to get you to the observation deck. At least as famous as the Eiffel Tower, maybe even more, the Statue of Liberty (which Gustave Eiffel helped design) is another sight to behold and we would recommend visiting it if you have enough time. And if you still have some time left, the Metropolitan Museum of Art is a must see for anyone who is even remotely interested in art.

If art isn’t your thing, there are other museums in New York. For example, the American Museum of Natural History just on the side of Central Park, or the Guggenheim Museum on the 5th Avenue, or even the Botanical Garden on Southern Boulevard. And if you’re looking for a different kind of excitement, you can spend time on Coney Island which is not a real island but has amusement parks such as Luna Park which guarantees loads of fun for the whole family.

What is there to do in New York? This video will help you discover the best places to go in New York:

Where to stay in New York?

When you’re staying in New York, we recommend the Towers at the New York Palace. The hotel is located just 5 minutes away from 5th Avenue and the Guggenheim museum as well as the shops. It is also conveniently placed in the city. Not too close but also not too far from the airports and 15 minutes away from Central Park if you want to walk (but who wouldn’t like to use one of New York’s brand new cabs?). Bedrooms are luxurious and offer a magnificent view over the city. Wi-Fi is available everywhere in the hotel. A choice a 6 restaurants and bar are available in the lobby in addition to the local bars and restaurants. If you need to relax, you can get a massage at the spa and wellness centre or exercise in the fitness centre. Personnel at the hotel speak English, Spanish and French and offer services such as babysitting or child sitting, dry cleaning, ironing service or even shoeshine. They basically cater to all your needs, even if you want to organize a meeting, a banquet or keep items of value in a safe, just ask.

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Access to the town is more than easy as there are as much as three airports inside the Big Apple: LaGuardia Airport, Newark Liberty International Airport and John F. Kennedy International Airport (all shown on the map above).