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Private Charter Flights to Cuba

Private Charter Flights to Cuba

What’s better in life than not having to work? Maybe going on holiday? Everybody enjoys a change of scenery once in a while, sometimes a big change, sometimes a small one but a change nonetheless. Now, if you’re planning a holiday abroad, you might be struggling to find a good destination. That’s why at Private Jet Charter, we have compiled a whole list of destinations to choose from and in this case, we’re presenting you with: Cuba!

Where is Cuba?

Although generally well known, Cuba can be a little tricky to find on a map. It is located in the Caribbean Sea, South of the United States and East of Mexico. You can see its exact position on the map below:

What to do in Cuba?

Besides the white sandy beaches that you can find all around the main island, Cuba has many interesting locations to offer. Although it is completely fine to just work on your tan all day at the beach, you might want to have a look at the 9 World Heritage Sites recognized by the UNESCO. Cuba is indeed one of the countries with the most UNESCO recognized sites. For example, Alejandro de Humboldt National Park a huge natural reserve home to several endangered species or the Old Havana and its Fortifications, the number one tourist destination in the country and a real architectural treat. We would recommend spending the time to get a tour of a cigar factory in Havana. Cigars are an iconic Cuban product and their reputation stretches worldwide.

Art enthusiasts won’t be disappointed as they can visit the Muse Nacional de Bellas Artes (National Museum of Fine Arts) with two collections, Universal and Cuban and chocolate enthusiasts will enjoy the Museo del Chocolate (Museum of Chocolate). Music is also a big part of Cuban life and culture. Rumba for example is a dance that you may witness happening unexpectedly in the streets but to be sure to experience it, it’s still best to visit the regular rumba spots around Cuba such as the Callejón de Hammel.

Where to stay in Cuba?

Located in the centre of the Havana, 15 km away from the airport, the Iberostar Parque Central is a wonderful, luxurious hotel we can only recommend. The hotel is minutes away from the Fine Arts Museum and the Great Theatre of Havana. Aside from the unmatched city views it provides, the Parque Central is a very luxurious location with a wide array of facilities such as a swimming pool (pictured below), a business centre, a fitness centre or its own restaurant. You will even have Wi-Fi available if you need internet access. Bedrooms ranging from double rooms to presidential suite have a 24 hour room service available if you don’t want to leave you room for diner.

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Cuba is not composed of just one island, it is actually a group of 23 islands, the main one being the Island of Cuba where you can find Havana, the capital city of Cuba (well known for its cigars). José Martí International Airport is the closest and biggest airport of Havana. It is located 15 km southwest of the city and can be used when flying to any of the other smaller islands.

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