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Teterboro Airport , Teterboro, New Jersey

With 90 acres of aircraft hangars and offices, this 827 acre airport in Teterboro, New Jersey is perfect for Private Aircraft Chartering Services. A Survey revealed that 99.6% of jets arriving or travelling via Teteboro were indeed Privately Rented Aircraft including Air Taxi’s. Previous History of Teterboro Airport include: Walter Teter bought the airport in 1917, and had it run by the North American Aviation (Manufacturer), where the world famous Aircraft Designer ‘Anthony Fokker’ designed and developed his early aircraft, that first flew in 2919. In 1926 ‘Colonial Air Transport’ began delivering mail across America via private air freight aircraft. To Rent a Private Jet to or from Teterboro Airport, call/email now via our contact page.

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Private Jet Charter was a pioneer in making the world of private air travel more accessible, and is still flying high three decades later.

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We found the ideal balance between modern technologies/luxuries and good old-fashioned values, enabling us to provide a private travel experience like no other.

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Private Jet Charter has six regional offices around the world, spread across five time zones and spanning four continents- truly an international aircraft charter company.

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