Well might you ask. Indeed who is Joshua Chubb?  Well I’ll tell you, and its very exciting news…. Joshua Chubb is our very first home grown all American golden boy (and boy is he home grown – like all things American, they only come in large) and newest member of Team USA.

Funny how you meet people isn’t it.  Actually Dan met him in the gym.  As I told you, the boys have got off to a flying start with the USA office and taking up to 30 enquiries a day, it quickly became apparent to us that we needed to employ another experienced aviation broker for the team.  Enter one Mr Joshua Chubb. With more than six years working in the private jet business, the last two working independently, he is the perfect addition to Team USA.

Tuesday was our last day in Fort Lauderdale and as they say, time flies when you are having fun.  What I can tell you though, is go visit this place for yourself.  Seriously its got everything.  Sunshine, sea, inland waterways, beautiful people, fabulous food and a great business district with open minded, go getters who make things happen.  So its good bye America for now.  I am leaving with some magic memories and a lot more good friends.  Keep up the good work boys, your’e doing great. The big Boss and I will be returning to Fort Lauderdale just as soon as we can – try keeping us away!