Top 10 Celebrity Private Jets

1. Arnold Schwarzenegger – Gulfstream III

The body builder turned actor, turned State Governor decieded in 2011, that he needed his own private jet. For a cool $38 million he got himself a fabulous private jet. The Gulfstream 3 has a capacity for 12 passengers and can go a range of 6,760 km

2. Jim Carey – Gulfstream V

The successful actor Jim Carey, known for his films such as ‘Ace Ventura,’ and ‘Bruce Almighty’ decided to splash $58 million on a truly luxurious Gulfstream 5. The G5 has a range of 10,742 km, a speed of 966 km/h and takes 16 passengers! Mr Carey certainly knows a decent Jet when he see’s one.

3. John Travolta – Boeing 707-138

Iconic Pulp Fiction star John Travolta is the proud owner and Pilot of a Boeing 707. This big beauty cost the international film star around $20million. The 707-138 is designed for long distance flights and seats up to 200 people, however Captain Travolta has modified the interior substantially. John also owned a Gulfstream 2 which he donated to the Georgia Aviation Hall of Fame, The G2 has a  range of 6,635 km and seats up to 10 passengers and contains a Rolls Royce Spey engine.

As if he didn’t have enough jets, Captain Travolta has been given a Challenger 601 by Bombardier them self! John recently became Business Aircraft Brand Ambassador for Bombardier, so not only is Mr Travolta set in film history, he is also a great resource of Aviation knowledge and power with Bomabardier.

4. Bill Gates – Bombardier BD-700 Global Express

Microsoft tycoon Bill Gates treated himself to a $40 million jet that he uses regularly.The BD-700 has a range of 7710 miles and can take upto 12 passengers

5. Lewis Hamilton – Bombardier Challenger-600

Britain’s champion racing driver has bought a $20 million private jet in order to travel the world and be able to stay close to the love of his life ‘Nicole Scherzinger.’ With a range of 5,186 km, turbofan engine and a max speed of 528 mph this beautiful custom red jet is an excellent choice for the avid jet setter.

6. Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden) – Boeing 757-200 (Ed Force One)

The Metal legend Bruce Dickinson decided to opt for a commercial pilots license before 2000, when having a break between hectic music touring. Captain Dickinson bought his very own Boeing 757-200 to fly his band ‘Iron Maiden’ around the world for their up and coming shows. Bruce also works for Astraeus, flying many commercial flights around the globe using a variety of airliners. The Boeing 757 seats upto 180 people, has a huge range of 7,222 km and a top speed of 610 mph.

7. Sergey Brin & Larry Page (Google) – Boeing 767-200

Google owners Sergey Brin and Larry Page splashed out a substantial $25 million for a customized Boeing 767. Not only did Brin & Page buy the 767 they also paid a large ‘unknown’ amount to use NASA’s private runway, making them the first people ever to be able to use NASA’s runway. The Beoing 767-200 has a whopping range of up to 11,825 km, seats between 180 and 300 people and has a max speed of 568 mph

8. Suri Cruise – Gulfstream 4

Tom Cruise spent $7 million on a private jet for his 7 year old daughter. Suri Cruise is now the proud owner of a Gulfstream 4, allowing her to see mum and dad where ever they are in the world. The G4 has a range of up to 8000 km, seats 8 people and has a top speed of 608 mph

9.  The Sultan of Brunei – Boeing 747-430

The Sultan treated himself to a brand new 747 for $100 million with fully customized interior, including 24 carrot gold plating and Lalique crystal wash basins adding an extra $120 million in additional costs. The 747-430 has a max speed of 614 mph, a range of 13,450 km and could seats upto 416 passengers before modification.

10. Paul Allen – Mig 29 Fighter Jet

Co-founder of Microsoft Paul Allen is well know for his big spends. So in 2011 Mr Allen decided to go out and buy his very own Mig 29 Fighter Jet worth an estimated $13.5 Billion! I am sure the Mig 29 will go very nicely with Paul’s $70 million Basketball team (the Portland Blazers) and $200 million super yacht costing him $384,000 per week to crew and run. The Mig 29 has a max speed of around 1,518 mph and a range of 1,500 km.