Well my friends, Olga and I are now back from Moscow and I really haven’t had a moment until now to update you on the rest of the week, which flew by in a whirl of hard work (lots of excellent business meetings) and hard play (more fun than any two girlies should be allowed).

We always hire our favourite driver Vladimir (what else would he be called) and it’s a bit like travelling around with your own personal tour guide, he giving us a history lesson on each building, and if time stopping to let us take pictures and make short visits.

I was wowed by the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, the largest Orthodox Church in the world.   It’s an amazing building but is not as old as it looks having been rebuilt in 2000 after the original which was commissioned in 1839, was destroyed by Stalin. Inside are elaborate frescos by some of the finest Russian painters, an absolute must if you are visiting Moscow.



Wednesday evening Olga and I decided to treat ourselves to a night at the Ballet.  We bought tickets for Sleeping Beauty, well we all know the story and for my part it doesn’t require a test of my Russian language skills!  It was a lovely balmy evening so we walked from our hotel to the Theatre taking in the sights and sounds of Moscow on the way.

Well what a fantastic two hours, and money well spent. We had front row seats, I know, I know, but we are talking hunky Russian guys in tight white tights, whats a girl to do?

The costumes were exquisite, the make-up just stunning and the dancing breathtaking.  You guessed it, I’m hooked on the ballet.




We followed this up with dinner at La Kantina another of my favourite haunts. Moscows first Tex-Mex joint opened its doors in 1994.

This crazy little Mexican bar feels like it’s full even when it’s half-empty. Maybe it’s something to do with the amount of tex-mex clutter that covers the place; flags, old adverts for Corona and sombreros abound.

The tables get nearer and nearer to each other as the night wears on into party mode, and yes we did dance the night away….so thank you to Mike and Chris our new best friends who twirled and Salsa’d the night away with us.

After dark, the live bands and great cocktails, combined with a clock above the bar that ticks backward, can lead to inebriated confusion

And here she is, one for the boys….Tatiana the Tequila Shot girl 🙂


Thursday was a very busy day and we wore out the shoe leather on a whirlwind of business meetings (yes, I do have to do some work when I’m away!) We did manage to squeeze in 10 minutes in VDNKh a most beautiful Moscow public park and exhibition space with so many stunning fountains I lost count!

And finally for our grand finale……Thursday night I decided that we would spend out last night in Moscow with a late drink in the 02 Sky Terrace Bar, well why not? In my experience you always meet the nicest people and do the best business in the bar and thats a fact!

Well as soon as I walked in I found some good friends of mine a British Heavy Metal band who are doing a European Tour, and tomorrows performance just so happened to be at the Olympijskiy Stadium in Moscow.  So it was Vodka Shots and a lot of laughs all round with my friends from Iron Maiden, Nicko, Steve, Dave and Bruce.  A super night for an old Rock Chic like me that ended with a kiss from my favourite drummer 🙂 Nastrovia boys!