So December was a little bit crazy work wise.  It kicked off with the ILTM, for those of you not in the know, thats short for International Luxury Travel Market which is held in Cannes.  And of course, never a girl to miss an opportunity, I was there to meet our International clients.  A very busy and successful three days and 42 meetings later I had nearly lost my voice from talking too much! Mr C flew in from a month working in our Dubai office in time for the staff xmas party, and the UK staff flew into town to join our Nice team, because this year I thought it would be fun to have the party in Nice….and party we certainly did.

Magician1 copyI had booked La Baroque a Cabaret Show (think Moulin Rouge), which the boys seemed to think was a little gay, until they realised there were hundreds of scantily sequin clad dancing girls and we had a table right at the front….soon changed their opinion didn’t they! And for me the highlight was the magician.  He was absolutely awesome.  Made a birdcage with a white parakeet completely disappear into thin air. Then came the sparkly table where he called for an assistant…..well you know me don’t you? ‘Oh no you didn’t’ I hear you cry…’Oh yes I did’ and it was truly an amazing experience to be levitated right off the table. I loved it.  Debbie McGee eat your heart out!

And then we were back in the UK office on Christmas Eve working, and this is the true story of xmas.  Dave one of our Senior brokers had an email from one of his Jersey based clients who told us the very sad story of her son Gabriel who had just lost his best friend Oscar to cancer.  And then would you believe it, their 15 year old dog Toffee died too.  Gabriel of course was heartbroken.  His mother had located a puppy in Chichester and she asked us if there was any way that we could get this puppy paid for and collected, taken to Southampton Airport and flown to them the same day in time for Christmas.  Well of course we could.  It was a bit tricky I have to admit, because chauffeur companies wouldn’t take the responsibility of collecting the puppy.  So thats where I got involved, because I usually know someone somewhere in the world that can help, and in this instance it was my very good friend Duncan McCullogh who I met in a bar in the South of France some years earlier (you see, you always meet the best people in the bar).  He sent his driver to pick up the puppy for us and take him to the airport, where Captain Eric was waiting….so we did it 🙂 thanks a million Duncan for your help.  You helped us make one little boys xmas very special.  And this is the letter we received from Gabriel.

GabrielDear Mr Doughty
My Mum told me about everything you did to get Popcorn to me in time for Christmas.  You are very kind and helpful.  Thank you very much indeed for the best Christmas present ever!  Popcorn made me really happy.  I was missing my old dog Toffee and my best friend Oscar. I think  Oscar would have loved Popcorn very much.
Thank you.  Please can you thank Eric very much too.
I hope you have a good New Year.
 Love Gabriel

So there you are…the Story of Christmas…and Dave who usually behaves like the Grinch, now thinks he is Father Christmas!!!