Well thanks to Robin and Larry of the Greater Fort Lauderdale Alliance, we without doubt enjoyed a fabulous evening at the best restaurant in Las Olas. Chima Brazilian Steakhouse is just something else. Not just a dinner, it was a whole different experience. It was indeed as their menu states ‘a contemporary dining adventure within a stylish setting’ and I just loved it.

Traditional gauchos roam the dining room continuously, offering a mouthwatering selection of 16 rotisserie meats presented on giant skewers, and they carve it off perfectly cooked to your liking. You are given a card at the beginning of this food fest, on one side is printed ‘Yes, please’ on the other side ‘No, thank you’ – Mr C forgot to turn his card over and a veritable mountain of meat was delivered to his plate, all 16 cuts in fact.

I took the advice of our hosts and stayed away from the Salad bar. ‘Go for it after the meats’ they advised. I can report that it was indeed the Rolls Royce of all Salad bars. Not so much a salad bar as the entire food hall of Fortnum & Masons!

They offered desert, but to be fair, we were fooded out by then! Only the mighty Hurley went for it, an awsome looking Key Lime pie, what a hero that man is. Respect.