I just learned yesterday that one of our brokers (who I won’t name, cos he’s quite publicity shy) did not just fly to Canada for a holiday, he actually proposed to his very beautiful girlfriend while he was there. The good news is…. she said YES…. hooray. So many congratulations Regi oohps…from all the team here at PJC

Anyway tomorrow is the big day, no not for Regi, for the other happy couple, and depending what your point of view on the Monarchy is, you may be wanting to fly in last moment so as to throng with the crowd, soak up the atmosphere and see history in the making, or you may want to leave the country to avoid the whole furore. Whichever way, if you need a private jet to get in/out, we will still be here manning the phones, (OK so we may have the TV on in the background, I’m not going to lie to you alright.)

On the USA front, Shaun Elliott told me that he and Dan were at YOLO’s (that’s short for You Only Live Once for those of you not in the know) restaurant, enjoying a $50 New York Steak and who should he be rubbing shoulders with in the bar but Dennis Rodman! Isn’t he dead I asked? I don’t think so he replied, or I was a lot more drunk than I thought!! Hope you gave him a business card Shaun.