I’m not going to lie to you, mine was fab! I will try to keep it brief so as not to make you all too jealous. The weekend began on Friday night with cocktails in Rare, a chill out bar in Las Olas, followed by Vibe nightclub, where the in-crowd go and place of the beautiful people, (obviously thats why I was there!)

Saturday was glorious sunshine and the Fort Lauderdale beach was beckoning. Interesting fact – they cover the streetlights on the beach side so as the nesting turtles who follow the moon, don’t get confused and lost! (not joking its for real, see the pics). We ate lunch at a corner cafe, crab cakes, and how could I not try the Key lime pie? Delicious. Then we people watched the afternoon away.

Saturday night saw the arrival of our techy webby guy, a native New Yorker, larger than life and brighter than anyone I know, (and believe me I know a lot of people) love ya John man, real good hanging with you man. (Yes, I am getting into the American speak). Saturday night was spent down at Grill 66. I tried the local specialty of Stone Crabs and believe me they are the best. It all ended back in the hotel bar where I was chatted up by a rather large gentleman who turned out to be the minister of the afternoon wedding at the hotel! – Sorry John F Myers, your’e really not my type!

Sunday more of the same terrible indulgence, ending with dinner in Bistro Mezzaluna (networking with our new best friends Uri and the lovely Beverley). And all this in the name of business. How do I cope?