Music, TV and Film

Private Jet Charter has been supporting the Music, Film & TV industry since our inception in 1991. In that time, we have gained a wealth of experience in WORLDWIDE music tours, concerts & Event travel. We understand that your schedule needs to run like clockwork and that last-minute flexibility may be required. This is no problem, our dedicated team will look after your flight every step of the way. From touring Bands, Crew and DJ’s we have the perfect solution for you, we will allow you to fit in that extra show or festival, and our flexible approach to schedule means you can visit the after-party.

Ordinary commercial flights are often at the wrong times for Artists, with long waits at the airport, possible delays and being hounded for photos and autographs, it can become tiresome.

With a private Jet, you will get your own VIP lounge to relax. Safe in the knowledge that the utmost discretion on your arrival and departure is in place, with the ability to be flexible, no need to worry about a show overrunning.

In the Music industry often months of planning, promotion and hard work will go into every tour in order for it to be a success. So whether its luxury private jets for artists or something with more hold space for Equipment and crew, our team has the expertise and understanding to help your Tour, Event or Show run smoothly.

We are the go-to company for touring logistics, we are able to provide freight solutions including forwarding and warehouse options. Private Jet Charter logistics service provides a one-stop-shop to run a music event, concert, tour or festival like clockwork without any delays.

Accessible Air Travel

Private Jet Charter was a pioneer in making the world of private air travel more accessible, and is still flying high three decades later.

Unparalleled Experience

We found the ideal balance between modern technologies/luxuries and good old-fashioned values, enabling us to provide a private travel experience like no other.

Private Jet Charter Worldwide

Private Jet Charter has six regional offices around the world, spread across five time zones and spanning four continents- truly an international aircraft charter company.

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