Heavy & Outsized Equipment

Every day presents a new challenge and not everything the Private Jet Charter team assist with is light, small or standard in size. Which is why you can depend upon the team at Private Jet Charter, an expert in air freight, cargo and logistics to assist with those very demanding, out of the ordinary day to day situations.
Without the right support, transporting heavy and outsized freight can be a difficult procedure. It really is a task that calls for experience and understanding of the mission ahead. By applying our detailed expertise and knowledge in cargo aircraft, the Private Jet Charter Team can arrange heavy and outsize cargo to be transported with minimum effort. Our focus has always been on service and we pride ourselves on the safe delivery of heavy & outsized goods.

In today’s modern world, companies and operations require oversized or heavy freight to be moved on quickly, and transporting via land or sea isn’t always the most reliable, quickest or best option. From oil drilling equipment, entire movie sets or engines parts for motorsport teams, we really do understand the significance of sourcing the right aircraft for the transport of such freight movements. Our team at Private Jet Charter uses its experience and its relationship with its worldwide network of contacts, in-depth knowledge of the market to source, supply and coordinate a logistical solution.

Accessible Air Travel

Private Jet Charter was a pioneer in making the world of private air travel more accessible, and is still flying high three decades later.

Our continuing excellence is due to our dedication to providing personalized, luxury service to every single passenger we welcome aboard.

Unparalleled Experience

Over the years, we have listened to our clients and customized our services to each passenger’s unique tastes, every single flight.

We found the ideal balance between modern technologies/luxuries and good old-fashioned values, enabling us to provide a private travel experience like no other.

Private Jet Charter Worldwide

Private Jet Charter has six regional offices around the world, spread across five time zones and spanning four continents- truly an international aircraft charter company.

Get in touch with any of our global offices and let our expert consultants help you with your next private charter flight.

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