And I am sure you are all wanting to know what we did with it?  Well it has to be done when you are in the ‘Venice of America’ so on Saturday I persuaded Mr C to be a tourist (he hates all that bull****, so it took some wheedling on my part), and take me aboard the Carrie B, a rather lovely replica of a nineteenth century paddle-wheeler, for a boat trip on the beautiful waters of the New River and the Intracoastal Waterways.  Our captain was very well informed, giving us a very enjoyable one and a half hour cruise.

Past Stranahan House the oldest house on the New River. Past the extravagant mansions of the wealthiest entrepreneurs and captains of industry, Wayne Huizenga for example, hugely successful businessman and former owner of the Miami Dolphins lives here, as does Lee Majors the six million dollar man, although I’d lay a bet says he paid way more that six million dollars for this piece of realty.  (I spotted a few with ‘For Sale’ boards, how about it Mr C?  It comes with an 80ft mooring for your boat!) On past the house where Miami Vice was filmed, past fabulous mega yachts and colossal cruise ships.  And of course the sun shone.

Saturday night we went with our new friends to Miami.  What a skyline, it’s awsome!  You’ve got to see it to believe how magical it looks by night.  We dined at the Ritz Carlton, fabulous food, the best buffalo mozarella, fillet mignon and then a mouthwatering selection of deserts. Tiramisu, strawberries dipped in chocolate and a chocolate sponge filled with the gooiest liquid centre (don’t even think about the calories). All washed down with a delicious pink Moet (thank you Joey).  Just perfect.  Thanks for a great evening guys – memorable.

Sunday it was a bit cloudy (surprise), so my plan of a lazy pool day was thwarted.  Instead we were advised to do the ‘Tower Brunch’.  ‘OK then’ we said, ‘we will’.  We invited Shaun and Dan to come join us.  The Tower is on the top floor of the Hyatt.   The restaurant is circular and its glass walls give stunning views over Fort Lauderdale and beyond. The floor slowly rotates to ensure that you can enjoy the spectacular views 360 degrees whilst enjoying the most sumptuous buffet, and the waiters ensure a never emptying glass of the fizzy pink stuff. Now where did my table go?

Now we are into Sunday evening and surely no one can want more food can they? Oh yes I forgot, I am with three boys…..of course they want more food!! And so on we went to one of Americas finest dining experiences…..Hooters.  Did the boys enjoy the experience? Well they do say every picture tells a story!