Villefranche‘Come on Mr C’ I said, ‘lets get away from this atrocious snowy freezing weather and disappear off to our Nice office for a few days’.  I had a legitimate excuse.  No really I did.  I had to do a radio interview for Riviera Radio and as luck would have it they are based on the beautiful Quay Antoine 1er in fabulous Monaco.  You see, Private Jet Charter is a sponsor of their Traffic and Travel news and they wanted to ask me some questions about chartering private jets.

So we drove the cute little Smart Car from Nice along the Bass Corniche, what a lovely drive that is.  Passing through Villefranche Sur Mer the road climbs steeply to give you a breathtaking view over the bay, on through Beaulieu Sur Mer and winding on hugging the coast with its stunning scenery and through the rock tunnels into Monaco.  If you have never driven this road, please put it on your list of places that you MUST visit before you die list!

That was yesterday.  But guess what… it’s snowing in Nice!!!