You may remember that I told you about St Tropez Bistro, a gem of a French restaurant along the East Las Olas Boulevard, run by my new found friends Gerard and Christine Kiss.  I have met so many interesting people dining outside on the intimate patio area that I have decided to make it my new ‘office’.  Added bonus, the Provence Rose is fabulous!

So….I asked Gerard. I notice that on the chairs (typical film director style) you have the names of some of your friends.  What do I have to do to get my own named chair in this place?.  ‘Well, he said, its very difficult, you have to be a regular customer and dine here very often’. ‘OK, pas probleme, we will you visit beaucoup plus fois (thats many more times) and perhaps by the end of the year I will have my own chair’.

Imagine my surprise when we went there for lunch, and there it was……my very own named chair.  In the words of Gerard, ‘A New Star in St Tropez Bistro’.  Boy do I think I’ve left my mark on Fort Lauderdale.  Note to friends: yes you can go there and use my chair, you have my permission.

THANK YOU Gerard, I loooovee it!

I can’t believe it but we fly home tomorrow, so its our last dinner in Fort Lauderdale and we have invited some of our very good friends to join us at Casa D’Angelo a really special Italian restaurant.

They start you off with a complimentary plate of bruchetta topped with a really garlicky tomato salsa, big fat green olives and chunks of parmesan. Our waitress for the night recited perfectly the huge specials menu (it’s nearly as large as the printed menu) how do they remember it all.  So let the food fest begin.

We had finished the mains and all decided no room for dessert, when lo and behold, two large plates of amazing complimentary desserts arrived!  Could it be anything to do with the fact that we were dining with legendary and charismatic Chancellor Ray Ferrero?

‘Go on he said, at least try the Tiramesu and the Cinammon Tarte Tatin’ well whats a girl to do?

We thought it was all over, bar the Expresso’s but no…’Have you tried the Van Gogh Expresso?’ asked Ray.

Well of course we had never heard of it.  And on Rays recommendation of course we went with the flow.  But It’s not a special type of coffee, its a clear Vodka that tastes like Expresso! Mr C declared it to be his new favourite drink.  God help us all!

In the midst of all this, our friends Uri and Beverley called to find out where we were, and five minutes later joined us at D’Angelo to add even more fun to the party.

Did you enjoy yourself Uri? I think the smile says it all 🙂