So lets catch up on what happened yesterday.

Mr C and I met up with our Realtor friends Scott and Andrea Harrington (gosh, I just said Realtor, I’ve gone all American) who have done a great job in finding us some prestigious new offices to re-locate to.

Newly refurbished and right in the hub of where its all happening in Downtown Fort Lauderdale, its a huge space on the 17th floor, so great views and plenty of room for expansion, and team USA is growing fast.

And for the evening…..’You are cordially invited to attend the CEO Council Annual Reception at the residence of Wayne and Marti Huizenga’.  Really?  Got to be the best party in town! You do know who Wayne Huizenga is don’t you?  He is only one of the most prolific business entrepreneurs, creator of three Fortune 500 companies one of the ‘greatest deal makers of the 20th Century’.  He and his wife also happen to be really lovely, hospitable people who do a lot for the local community and they are now officially my new best friends! (thats me with Wayne on the left) And let me assure you, they know how to throw a party.  It was a serious amount of fun all set in the grounds of their beautiful waterside mansion.  I was seriously impressed by the peacocks at the gate  (yes seriously Mr C I am not joking, I want to have peacocks on our gates too).

So all good things coming to an end, we made our way back to the lovely Riverside Hotel where we are staying.

But would you believe it, what a spot of luck… you remember Wesley the fantastic musician and singer from our last visit to Fort Lauderdale?  Well he just happened to be blowing his trumpet out on the terrace.

So the evening finished up with music and dancing till late into the night.  Fort Lauderdale….I love it 🙂