The newest Citation has the longest range and largest cabin of any Cessna yet built. Final assembly of the first test aircraft is nearly complete, so it’s on track for first flight this summer. FAA type certification and entry into service are slated for third or fourth quarter 2017.

Similar to most other super-midsize business aircraft, the Longitude will have a full-size baggage compartment aft of the lavatory and accessible inflight.

According to the Longitude’s specification and description dated October 2015, cabin height in center aisle is 6.0 ft., the cabin width is 6 ft. 5 in. and the floor width is 4 ft. 1 in. The cabin length is approximately 25 ft. from forward bulkhead to the rear of the aft lavatory. Based on other super mid-sized aircraft of similar size and range, BOW should be approximately 24,000-25,000 lb., but could possibly be lighter since the Latitude is an exceptionally light aircraft.

The Citation developers concede that they’re a dozen or more years late with an entry into the super-midsize segment. The Longitude’s blend of low purchase price and operating costs, plus cabin size, range and cruise speed to wedge its way into this segment. Company officials are confident that the new model will appeal to a large number of loyal Citation customers seeking to move up to super midsize within the Cessna family.