Well it was one of those crazy weekends when it seemed that everyone woke up that morning and needed to be at the Monaco Grand Prix, as you do.  And actually taking a private jet was probably the only way to do it.  I don’t know whether you noticed, but the commercial carriers prices were through the roof (capitalising b******s) so in actual fact it was probably realistic cost wise with a small group of friends to take the private jet route to see the action.  Judging by the litter of pj’s at Nice and Cannes, the Legacy/Challenger is this years handbag of choice.  The veritable Marc Jacobs of accessories, and a real ‘I’m here’ statement.

Hats off to the Nice team for keeping calm throughout the chaos and fixing dozens of flights regardless of how difficult it was to secure slot timings at the last moment.  Thats an advantage of having an office at Nice airport, and a secret weapon in the stunning Miss Marina Biale.  As they always say, its not what you know, its who you know.  Well done Marina, you never cease to amaze (not only does this girl speak Russian, English, French and Italian) she is an exceptional cool thinking charter broker too.  Mind you, I don’t think she needed me phoning her late on Sunday night with a client stuck in Nice, as their scheduled flight had been grounded.  ‘Have you got a Citation Jet or similar’ I asked, ‘for a Go Now!’  10 minutes later she had indeed found me a CJ3 that did the trip!  Amazing service from a pretty amazing girl!