Well I am sure you are dying to hear about our evening out at the Miami Marlins vs The Boston Red Sox Baseball game.

I had never been to a baseball game before and this was to be played at the Marlins brand new stadium.  The new 37,000 seat major league Baseball facility includes a retractable roof to shield spectators from the sun and rain.  Totally impressed!

We went to the game with Jeff Garrity, a die hard Red Sox fan (he’s originally from Boston), and some of the guys from our Fort Lauderdale office, Dan Hurley, Derek Damgaard and our newest addition to the team, the lovely Adrienne Marks (there she is on the left).

And it was a great night for the Red Sox who beat the Miami Marlins 10-2.

I didn’t understand the scoring at all even with Jeffs patient explanation.  It’s not a fast game really (think cricket on steroids and you would be just about right).

But these Americans know how to party, so to be honest it didn’t make a jot of difference to me that I didn’t really understand the game, you just get swept along in the atmosphere.  The cheerleaders leapt onto the pitch at every available opportunity and boy were they good (note to self: practice being a cheerleader, it looks like a lot of fun).

Couple that up with a good few home runs that had everyone on their feet cheering, add a big fat chilli dog with everything on it, and a root beer, and I think you got yourself one very enjoyable evening.  I think I could get used to this 🙂