So what does a busy broker do to let their hair down after a busy summer? Well, for Dave Doughty, one of our Senior Aviation Consultants, there is only one place to head for….Ibiza of course!  Dave was a DJ in another life, and he looks after a lot of our club DJ flying.   Dave has been going to Ibiza since 2001 and having been a big fan of house music there really is no place like the party capital of the world. His vacation got of to a flying start because he and his friends decided to charter a private jet. Yes they really did!! Flying from his local airport, Manston, (10 minutes from his house) they started as they meant to go on, with the full VIP treatment.   The Citation Bravo was the ideal choice for 3 guys, comfy leather interior and plenty of room for luggage and really cost effective. Dave and Co. made the most of the free bar and by the end of the flight the crew had become their new best friends, so a big thank you to Andreas & Bill.   On arrival they were taken in an air conditioned mercedces Viano, swiftly through immigration (they actually came out to check passports). On arrival at the VIP terminal Dave and gang were met by a friend in his Porsche Cayenne.  He is now ‘living the dream’ and now Ibiza resident and manager of Drunk on Ice, Europes first Alcoholic slush puppy bar. Yes really!!

A crazy week ensued, and in Dave’s own words, ‘no better way to let your hair down’ (have you met Dave? he doesn’t have much!) Sunday was a busy day. Up early and a visit to the water park in Playa den Bossa.  Partied the afternoon away at Bora Bora beach no less than 500 Meters from the Water Park. Bora Bora is a house music lovers heaven, it starts off chilled and relaxed, but as it gets to mid afternoon party time kicks in and people are dancing on tables to special guest DJ’s (Fatboy Slim, John Acquaviva, Olivier Giacomotto, Alex Miles have all made guest appearences this summer). As sunset approached, it was decided to visit one of Dave’s favourite clubs in Ibiza….Space, for an event called ‘We Love Sundays’. Space has an amazing outside terrace which is famous worldwide.  There is no expense spared on sound, production or the DJ line up.  It is a truly amazing show and fantastic performance from everyone in the booth. As if this wasn’t enough fun for a Sunday, the boys headed back to the hotel for a quick shower and change to what was the highlight…..yes, it’s Judgement Sunday at Eden nightclub, San Antonio.  Daves good friend and Artist Manager, Jay gave the boys the VIP treatment.   Backstage passes to meet the man himself, Judge Jules and one of his favourite DJ’s Marco V and the very talented and beautiful, number one female DJ in the world….Claudia Cazacu  Dave said he thought he had died and gone to heaven!

Phew! After all that partying, (and you know me, I am a girl who loves to party…but Dave is even leaving me out of breath), I was glad to learn that the other more chilled highlight of Daves holiday was a sunset meal at Savannah on the sunset strip in San Antoni.

Surely one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world (it actually gives you goosebumps to watch).  Set on the same strip as the world famous Café Del Mar and Mambo (in fact they are all right next to each other) the ambience is great, very laid back, chill out music playing accompanied by a saxophone player (awesome), looking out over the mediterranean, super yachts moored up to steal your view of the sunset, cocktail in your hand and amazing food (Daves tip…Tereyaki noodles are to die for!)

The perfect end to a hedonistic week.  Wow Dave.  Take me with you next time please 🙂