Well you may or may not be aware that here in Florida we are in storm season, and Hurricane Isaac was predicted to pass through at the weekend.  Here’s a picture of the storm just starting on Fort Lauderdale beach

Miami was bracing itself and precautions were taken, shops were closed and battened down and many flights were cancelled.  Visitors were told best not to stay and the news showed a constant stream of cars leaving the area.  So serious stuff! Mr C and I fortunately had the key to our new condo and as luck would have it, our windows are storm proof.  Phew!!

The weekend weather was atrocious to say the least, but the predicted storm was downgraded to Tropical Storm status and we endured nothing more than rain like stair rods (or as our American friends understood us ‘rain like steroids’  hilarious what does that mean? Big pumped up strong rain? For me it will always now be ‘rain like steroids’) and we had a grand performance of thunder and lightning.

Isaac left a bit of a mess behind in its wake, but Fort Lauderdale breathed a big sigh of relief.  So on to rooms with a view.  First off our new Condo.

Fort Lauderdale is noted for its dozens of canals, laced with upscale homes and moored pleasure boats. The part of the city with the greatest concentration of canals lies between the coastal barrier beaches and Intracoastal waterway and the mainland.

Nurmi Isles, is one of Fort Lauderdales most sought after addresses.  (Sounds like a bit of me then) Its right on the inter coastal waterway and is in a road called Isle of Venice, very appropriate as we have water all around us.  All we need is the Gondola!  Lovely picture windows from floor to ceiling, we look out at a myriad of bobbing boats and gently waving palm trees. They call the complex The Oasis, and it really is a lovely quiet oasis of calm.  Here is a picture of the view.  The perfect antidote to our party lifestyle!

And so on Monday, when many businesses were still boarded up Mr C and I decided that with our (we’ll fight them on the beaches, British attitude) we should head to the office.  No storms gonna stop us (although I did take an umbrella).

The office is super, it’s in a great location just off central East Las Olas Blvd with its buzzy, something going on every day philosophy.

To be exact they call our building Broward Financial Centre and we have the most amazing view from the 18th floor.  But on Monday we arrived to the torrential rain coming in through the roof.  Anyway enough of disaster, it’s all fixed now and I have to say, its a great place to work and the views from the 18th are stunning.

The guys here are doing great and for our last day here tomorrow, Mr C and I are recruiting.  So if you are looking for a change of lifestyle, email me your CV wendy.courtenay@privatejetcharter.com and I will take a look at it.   Only dynamic, enthusiastic, sales driven party people need apply 🙂

So after all this stormy nonsense, lets get back to real life; dinner at Chima Brazilian Steakhouse with our good friends Juan and Molly Serrano and John Ewing (being a gooseberry cos his wife Alex was working).  Chima is named after chimarrao, a traditional drink of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, that symbolizes hospitality and friendship-certainly lives up to its name. Legend has it, in South Brazil traditional gauchos (cowboys) would consume a diet that consisted almost entirely of beef. The meat was seasoned, placed on skewers, and slow cooked over a wood burning flame.

Gauchos roam the dining room continuously offering over 15 rotisserie meats including top sirloin, filet, ribs, lamb, pork, chicken, sausage and fish. Yep, meat lovers paradise! And the salad bar….well, it’s dangerous! And I’m not even mentioning the Key Lime Pie.

“How come I have all this meat piling up on my plate?”, said Mr C.  Well, they give you these 2 discs when you come in, ‘Yes please’, or turn it over to ‘No thank you’. ‘Perhaps you should try turning your disc over’ I ventured!!!