But I do know when I’ll be back again.  Just about 6 weeks when we take over our new offices…Yaaayh.  Lease all signed up, thank you to Jon and Juan (love you guys) catch you next time.

So the last few days have been a bit of a whirl, in fact the whole 2 weeks have been a bit of a whirl, of great meetings (this is network City), fabulous cars (I’m going to post up lots of pics, cos they are so great), and what Fort Lauderdale has in abundance is such a variety of restaurants with, and don’t say I haven’t warned you…VERY BIG FOOD.  I went for the healthy option breakfast today at the Riverside Hotel, the fruit plate….see what I mean, enough to feed four people and some.

It’s half a pineapple, three types of melon, yoghurt and red fruits, and it comes with lashings of coffee and as much fruit juice as you can drink…Overload!!!


And then there was lunch was at YOLO (to enlighten those of you who don’t know, it stands for You Only Live Once) and it is an extremely busy buzzy place whether you lunch or dine there.

And again its not for the faint hearted on portion size.  We were there with team USA who were introducing us to a private jet company who’s Gulfstream aircraft we have chartered several times recently.

So hey Karen and Carlos, it was really a pleasure to meet you. And I am sure that all our offices will be pleased to do business with you in the future.



We spent the evening with our good friends, Uri and Beverly (always such a pleasure) at a fabulous Italian restaurant called Casa Di Angelo off highway US1. (I feel like I should be writing a good food guide)  and if I was this place would get a gold star just for the bruschetta, parmesan and olives that they bring to the table as soon as you sit down.  So good were the olives that Uri requested a jar of them be prepared for him to take home, and guess what, they willingly obliged.  Thats one thing I can vouch for here in the good old USA, service is unbelievably good. Lets give you an example, no matter what shop, restaurant, hotel, beach bar or place of business you go, you will be greeted with ‘Good morning/afternoon/evening, how are you today?’ and they genuinely mean it!  UK shop assistants in particular, please take note (my pet hate being ignored)

Well, if you can take any more in one day…we tottered back to the Riverside, (I am speaking for myself here, Mr C is always steady on his feet.  My excuse…seriously killer heels), and we enjoyed one last night with Wesley my amazing trumpeter friend and a giant dog called Serrano de Bergerac.

I am not kidding, he was absolutely huge, but a real softie. A bit like his owner Howard who was visiting from Orlando.  Love you Howard, but love Serrano more.  (see him on the right there)

Anyway, we ended up chatting to a couple from Detroit who were off on a cruise in the morning (did I mention FL is a hub for cruise ships? There were 7 of the giants there the other day, its a truly amazing sight). So obviously to make our new friends feel at home, I demanded Wesley went into Motown Classic mode and we danced the night away to his rendition of the Detroit Spinners, Four Tops, Temptations etc…  Life here is one big party…and I when I say big…I mean BIG!!