Kimmy Hinson phoned me this morning with a dilemma.’Need to get a client picked up from Northern France and taken to a tiny airport near Calais’ where she had organised a private helicopter transfer.  Only problem at 7.30am is finding a Limo company to do the job.  We are talking about the French here if you get my drift! Imposseeble!!  Well Mr C and I just happened to be at our little bolt hole in the North of France, so Mr C’s Jaguar to the rescue.

Imagine our surprise when we discovered that the guy hitching a ride with us was none other than the fabulously talented Damon Albarn, English musician, singer-songwriter, record producer and actor who is the frontman and primary songwriter of the alternative rock band Blur, as well as the creator of the virtual band Gorillaz.  And what a nice guy he is 🙂

Tired from touring he had a three day break, and was taking the opportunity to visit family in Normandy before heading off to Moscow, so a helicopter transfer was by far the quickest way.  We stopped at a little Tabac near the airport as Damon was starving hungry and enjoyed cafe creme and fresh croissants in the sunshine before wishing him Bonne Voyage with Captain Stephane.

Not your average Monday morning but a great way to start the week and guess what, I’m in Moscow next week, so who knows maybe our paths will cross again 🙂