Can’t have been as good as mine!

Friday night found us sitting on the terrace of Steak 954 the fab steak house in the W Hotel.  They have got a rocking out bar next door called Whiskey Blue which obviously had to be sampled after dinner (I never can pass a lively bar, I think it must be my Irish ancestry).  I blamed my wobbliness on my way back to our room on my sky high heels and ‘feeling a little jet lagged’ but I don’t think Mr C was fooled.  Even I thought I had had one too many when I could see jellyfish floating in front of my eyes, but actually they were real!

Saturday morning we took the Mustang out for a spin along the Beach Boulevard and headed into Las Olas to have a look around the shops.  The road was closed and we wondered what was going on.  It was due to the Las Olas Art Exhibition.  It was fabulous, every type of art possible was on display right down the centre of the street, wonderful sculptures, abstract art, photography, art made from metals, wood carvings, glass, and so colourful, trust me you had to be there.  We could have spent a fortune but common sense prevailed as ‘how to get it all back’ came into question and Mr C just bought two pictures that had taken his fancy made from metal by a whacky artist guy called Zaki. (Who knows what they were both thinking of)!

We decided to stop at the Riverside Hotel terrace and have lunch (its a great place to people watch and let the world drift by, a bit like sitting on the Croisette in Cannes).  We know the Americans really love their dogs but we both looked on in wonder as this pampered pooch was wheeled into the restaurant in its own pushchair.

And just as our lunch arrived, so did the musical entertainment in the form of one Mr Wesley Phillips, what an extraordinary talented man.  A great singer and trumpeter.  He had us all singing and dancing along to all your favourite oldies, Earth Wind and Fire, Lionel Richie, Stevie Wonder and (I didn’t believe this,) that old walrus of lurrve Barry White.  What an amazing voice this guy has.  Thanks Wesley you made my afternoon 🙂

And the fun didn’t end there, Sunday was a lazy day, and night was a candle lit dinner on the boardwalk of the Pier 66 restaurant, the Stone Crab claws were delicious and a bottle of chilled white. Perfect!  Must do some work next week to make up for all this indulgence.