I am delighted to share with you news of the recent wedding of two of our staff, Private Jet Charters very own Ilona Saveljeva and Jvengis (JK to you and I) Korols.

Just to give you a flavour of their special day;  The wedding was held in Latvia on 6th August and some of our UK staff flew out to be there to join in the celebrations.  Firstly all the girls went to Ilona’s house and all the boys to JK’s to help them prepare. Then JK came over in the wedding cortege with Hells Angels outriders leading the way.  He then had to prove his worth to the girls before he was allowed to enter the house – with serenades, money (to buy the bride) and lots of fun challenges as he went up the stairs to claim his bride.

The wedding was in a delightful, white painted Church with beautiful frescos on the inside.  Ilona arrived at the church looking happy, relaxed and stunning in the most beautiful fairytale dress, and JK looked handsome and proud as the bride walked down the aisle to say ‘I do’.

After the service it was off to a lake in the forest for a champagne toast, skydivers falling out of the sky with messages of love and a boat trip.  Then on to a park with a beautiful fountain for photos and back to the hotel for the evening entertainment – complete with Brazilian dancing, Flamenco and games for the guests.  There was a fabulous band which played everything from traditional folk songs to Santana and everything inbetween!  It was a lovely day.

So lets raise a glass to the new Mr and Mrs  Korols 🙂