Oh yes here come the girls.

Wednesday it was their turn to visit EBACE and here pictured are our lovely ladies Olga Sevcuka, she is based in our UK Headquarters and Marina Biale who is based in our sunny Nice Airport office.

It’s a treat for the girls to get out of the office as they are always so very busy providing private jet charter  quotations.

And these lovely ladies have both brains and beauty.  Between them can provide quotations in English, French, Russian and Italian.  Wow!!

The great thing about these type of aircraft shows, especially EBACE, is that they have an absolutely massive static aircraft display, so our aviation consultants get to try out all their favourite private jets and learn all the special features of each aircraft.

Marina made a beeline for the Boeing Business Jet, know in the industry as the BBJ.  (And here she is enjoying the vast interior all to herself!)

This aircraft usually seats between 25 and 50 passengers within a luxurious configuration. This may include a master bedroom, a washroom with showers, a conference/dining area, and a living area.  Who wouldn’t want to travel on one of these?  You could throw a party on board….and why not??

Olga went for the stylish and sleek lines of the Gulfstream, understated elegance. (I guess that could apply to Olga and the aircraft)!

I think that at the end of a long hard day, both our girls enjoyed a sit down in a bit of luxury.

We also had our very own photographer Jason Dodds at the show, enlisted with the task of taking lots of great pics of some of the very best private jets on the market. See them on our Facebook page very soon 🙂