Yes, I know you’ve  missed me but I have been busy.  So, lets catch up.  First of all it was our charter sales manager Michelles birthday last week, so happy birthday Michelle, we would never have guessed you were that old!

Then there was the surprise arrival of Regis beautiful fiance Riza.  Obviously after that romantic proposal she could’nt wait to see him again, so she boarded the next aircraft from Canada to be with him for a while, so welcome Riza to the UK,  Enjoy your stay.

Then there was EBACE (if you dont know what I’m talking about that means you are not an aircraft spotter) – it stands for European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition.  The brokers always attend this Geneva show as the static display of aircraft brings together the worlds most cutting edge business jets, so its a great place to swot up on your aircraft and experience a little luxury for yourself.  The team here have to go in relays over the 3 days of the show so there was a lot of straw pulling from hats to see who would get to go first, second and third.  Olga is that really you on that Legacy? You look like a super model.  She’s Russian you know….shaken not stirred!

Josh started his first day at the USA office, so here for the ladies is another pic of our lovely American boy (he’s the one in the middle)……yes I know he is pin up gorgeous.  I chose him!!

So the week whizzed by and Mr C and I decided to go back to Bruges for a little down time (and to pick up the sexiest shoes I own).  I left them in Die Swaene Hotel on my birthday.  Nothing wrong with a birthday girl kicking off her shoes!  We found a great little restaurant (very Shabby Chic) called De Vlaamshke Pot, tucked down a little side street, and enjoyed Waterzooi Chicken and Flemish Beef Stew.  I definitely would recommend a visit, it was absolutely crammed with locals.  Always a good sign.  Glad I didnt go for the desert though, because as we rounded the corner, we ran into the Two Hairy Bikers on a bridge. ‘What are you making I asked?’ ‘white Belgian chocolate cheescake’ they said.  Of course I hung around to try.  Delicious 🙂