Happy New YearHappy New Year!

Yes, yes, I know its April, but I’m not talking about the start of a new calendar, I’m talking about the beginning of the Ibiza season!  In just a few weeks’ time workers and tourists will be flocking to the Island of Ibiza for what is the start of the Summer Party Season.

I have been to the island many times since 2001 and have travelled via air (even by private jet !) but this time I am going via road & sea. As it happens one of my best friends is leaving the UK to live the life in Ibiza and he will be packing all his prized possessions into a car and him and his wife will be leaving from Dover to start this chapter in their life.

The sad news is they picked up a hitchhiker on the way, the good news is that the hitchhiker is me 🙂 I love a good road trip and I love Ibiza so let’s combine the two!

It’s around an 18-hour journey so there is a lot of driving involved and as I’ll be a passenger some time for listening to music, admiring the views and no doubt doing some work via my iPad. Our Ferry departs from Dover where we will arrive in Calais.


Out trek then continues down the East side of France where hopefully as we get further south I can break out the Shorts, Flip Flops and Ray bans from my suitcase. After an overnight stay the plan is to head for mainland Spain, Barcelona to be exact, our ferry from Barcelona – Ibiza is at 22.00 that night so we are hoping to make it in good time so that we can spend a few hours exploring this fantastic city.

Once on board the overnight ferry (Where is the bar?!!) we can relax and sit back whilst sailing across the Mediterranean sea, we also have an overnight Cabin to catch up on some much needed rest.

Arriving around 7am all bleary-eyed and hung-over we will make our way from San Antonio port round to San Antonio bay where I will be a useful pair of hands as I help them move into their new apartment. Its everything you could think of from a new home, not only is it in one of my favourite places ever it has a massive balcony, swimming pool and enough bedrooms for guests (I’m going to call one of them Dave’s room!).


All this moving I’m sure will work up a bit of a thirst so it’s off to Pacha for Guy Gerber For those that have never heard of him originally born in Israel he is one of the best Techno Dj’s in the industry, specialising in using live synthesisers and instruments to make every show unique.

Pacha is the only club in Ibiza that is open all year round and this Friday will be an amazing show and hopefully plenty of room to dance.

Le PachaThe rest of the weekend for me will be getting some much needed sunshine, relaxing and generally just exploring Ibiza whilst everyone is away and I’m certain ( as anybody who visits off season) will have the whole island to myself.

It’s a different kind of break to my usual non -Stop week of partying but I’m certain by the time Monday afternoon comes round and I have to board my British Airways flight back home I will be just as sad to say goodbye to my friends and my favourite place and as I always say it’s never goodbye but see you later.

So to all of you Ibiza fans I say Happy New Year!