Whilst we were in Fort Lauderdale it was Halloween, and I don’t know about you, but I didn’t realise what a big deal Halloween is in America, it’s just as big a celebration as Thanksgiving!  But the funny thing is, that where we Brits dress up in outfits of all things scary, in the US of A you can dress up as whatever character takes your fancy.  I know its all long over now, but a picture has surfaced that I can’t resist showing you….our very own dream team in full flow.  Yes, thats the Hurley on the right dressed as Superman (bet you never thought you would see that!), Derek as an American Cop and Joshua, all 6ft 4 of him, dressed up as Captain Morgan (to be honest I thought he was Captain Hook, but hey, what do I know.  Who you may ask is Father Xmas?….well I think he would prefer to remain anonymous.

Now here is a ray of Florida sunshine.  Welcome Marie Marquez our very latest addition to the Fort Lauderdale office team.  And who wouldn’t want this beautiful girl helping them arrange a private jet?

So to tell you a little about Marie, she was born in Paris and moved to Florida when she was very young. She is now a golden American girl and tells me she is a bit of a tomboy and loves everything to do with outdoors,  from fishing to hunting and camping. Marie is very outgoing and friendly, I think she is one of those girls with the rare ability to become your best friend in 5 minutes!

Marie is passionate about client service, and her new role with Private Jet Charter will enable her to utilise those skills.  And she is not just a pretty face, speaking additional languages of French and Spanish, she is a very welcome addition to our team.