Private Jet to St Petersburg

Private Jet to St Petersburg

Are you finally on holiday? Did you have a hard time at work and need to relax or simply want to see something new abroad? Then today is your lucky day because you can call Private Jet Charter and have us do all the planning for you. That’s right! We can book a hotel room for your stay, get tickets for the event you want to attend, find you a private jet or helicopter (or both) and send you flying to the destination of your choice, all that in just a few hours. And if you don’t know where you want to go, our destination section will help you choose. For example, why not try: St Petersburg?

Where is St Petersburg?

St Petersburg is the second biggest town in Russia. It is located on the eastern end of the Baltic Sea (that’s why it’s home to such a massive harbour). The town is nestled at the end of a bay, north east of Estonia and south east of Finland, right in front of the Island of Kronshtadtskiy. If that doesn’t help you locate it, here is its location on a map:

What to do in St Petersburg?

St Petersburg is a city that will surprise you. For example, you wouldn’t expect it to be fully open minded towards religion while in fact, it is. You will find temples for almost any religion, a Mosque, a Buddhist temple or even the Grand Choral Synagogue (that we’d recommend seeing if you have the time) etc. There are many museums that you can visit and which will teach you more about Russian history, art, or other topics. You can visit the State Hermitage Museum and Winter Palace (one of the biggest in the world), poet’s Pushkin Museum and Memorial Apartment (a niece piece of Russian culture), the Faberge Museum (for all Faberge eggs enthusiasts) or even the MusEros Museum of Eroticism (this one is self-explanatory).

Experiencing Architecture and Culture together in St Petersburg will take you to the most interesting buildings in the city. St. Nicholas’ Naval Cathedral is a bright example of Baroque-style architecture, the Cathedral of Our Lady of Kazan mimics the Vatican, the Naval Cathedral of Saint Nicholas will leave you speechless and the Church of Our Savior on Spilled Blood’s history will fascinate you. You could then take a stroll to Peterhof Palace and Garden and then on Neva Embankments where you’ll get a brilliant view of the Baltic Sea. If sightseeing isn’t your thing you could spend your day in Divo Ostrov instead, a fun attraction park for the whole family. And after a nice day exploring or having fun at the park, why not end your day with a nice play from the Mikhailovsky Opera and Ballet Theater?

Where to stay in St Petersburg?

Right in the centre of St Petersburg, you will find the State Hermitage Museum Official Hotel five star hotel. It has only five stars because it’s impossible to get more, but this is a really impressive location. The hotel has an indoor pool, a spa, a sauna and a fitness centre so you can find a place to relax even if you visit in the winter. Bedrooms are air-conditioned, fitted with premium bedding, plasma TVs, DVD players, satellite channels and hydro massage showers. Turndown service is offered every night. Free Wi-Fi or wired internet access and room service are available. You can also request children’s club and in-room childcare for a small free. Two restaurants are available with either Russian or Italian cuisine.

For bookings: or +1 954-271-7103

The airport (Pulkovo Airport) is located south of the city, with easy access through roads and motorways. It would take you only 10 to 15 minutes to reach the town centre in a taxi. Don’t forget your jacket!

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