Friday in Las Olas was a busy day and an even busier night.  Dan and I managed to escape from the office for a few hours and meet with some of the other corporates in our building.  It seems that almost everyone could be a client for private jet charter, or they want to introduce us to clients of theirs who charter jets.  What strikes me about Fort Lauderdale is that whilst it may be the 7th largest City in Florida with a population of almost 180,000 there is a really strong sense of community here.

Friday night, saw us returning back to Las Olas for the 2nd Annual Riverwalk Trust Burger Battle.  I couldn’t make this up if I tried!  Held on the lawn of the Riverside Inn, the Burger Battle pits some of the best local restaurants against each other to show off their creative grilling skills to 1000 guests.  One restaurant finishes the evening holding the prestigious title of  ‘Best Burger in Fort Lauderdale’ Each guest is given a voting chip and after sampling as many as you can cope with (I have to admit I was defeated at four), you cast your vote for your favourite.  With drink flowing and the band playing, the atmosphere was vibrant.  It might seem like a mad idea, but it was a lot of fun.