Well we don’t do it very often, but when we do it’s always exciting.  The VIP client day we put on recently at Brands Hatch had all the excitement of a Grand Prix and I’m really not joking.  The weather was unkind to us with heavy rain first thing and the track was still wet when Mr C took his practice laps.  The cold weather certainly made the breakfast of bacon butties and hot coffee taste even more delicious. My heart was in my mouth watching the various Porches, Ferraris, a multitude of souped up racing cars and Private Jet Charters very own Mitsubishi Evo 8 twitching around the track at breakneck speed.

It wasn’t long before due to the slippery racing conditions, a few cars spun off and I know its not really in the spirit of the thing, but I really wanted to  tell them all to ‘for gods sake slow down’.  As the day progressed the sun broke through and our guests took it in turn to be whizzed round the track with our resident boy racer Mr C at the helm.  He had really got into his stride by the end of the afternoon and those brave enough to venture into the passenger seat, later regaled each other of their race day experience in the bar of the Chilston Park Hotel where a few G&T’s slipped down nicely before a superb dinner.  A very successful fun day for all involved.