Yes, it’s my birthday.  And boy, how quick did that come back around?  Could it really be a whole year since I partied in being 39 again in Dublin!  Well as I shared with you recently, I’m having a bit of a love affair with France.  So when Mr C asked if I would like to have a birthday weekend away, I said ‘Yes please, Bordeaux would be lovely’ 🙂

We departed from Lille Lesquin airport and just over an hour later we arrived in Bordeaux.  We stayed at La Boutique Hotel a luxury hotel close to the best restaurants, chiquest boutiques and wonderful chocolate shops.  There is plenty of choice of hotels in Bordeaux, but I was swayed by the beautiful rooms, with designer furniture and the massive round bath full of rose petals. Need I say more!

Bordeaux is located on the western coast of France and is a rather busy port city. It is the capital of the Aquitaine region in France, and is also the seventh largest metropolitan city in France.  The famous and renowned Bordeaux wine is produced in this city. Some older parts of the city are even listed on the UNESCO world heritage list.  I can confirm that the architecture is amazing.

We wandered around the streets, admiring the stunning buildings and architecture that led us down to the quay, where docked on the Quayside was ‘The World’

At 644 feet, officially the largest privately owned yacht on the planet.  Let me assure you standing next to her to take a picture, she is just absolutely HUGE.

Since her launch in 2002, she has constantly circumnavigated the globe. Each resident owns one or more of the 165 privately owned apartments and enjoys a lifestyle we can only dream about.

A Bellini at Bellini bar was followed by Birthday dinner at La Tupina, recommended by a friend (thanks to Michael Prior). The first thing you will notice in the fireplace is ‘la Tupina’, meaning kettle in the basque language.  In the winter the soup boils there really slowly.  The fireplace is at the heart of the restaurant, and you can choose your cut of meat to be cooked over the open fire.  Actually I chose a traditional South Western dish Cassoulet a haricot bean stew with duck, pork and sausage, very slowly cooked.  Delicious 🙂

The famed author, Victor Hugo, has aptly described Bordeaux by commenting, “Take Versailles, add Antwerp, and you have Bordeaux”. Indeed this historic city is worth a visit, even if it is just to taste its delightful French wine. I’ll drink to that 🙂  And that was only the first day……more to come