As luck would have it, towards the close of our stay in Fort Lauderdale, the NBAA (thats the National Business Aircraft Association) were holding its 65th Meeting and Convention in Orlando.  Thats what I like about the NBAA, they always hold it in such fantastic Cities.  I clearly remember one fun year when it was held in Las Vegas and in after party mode I went with Mr C to the top of the Stratosphere Hotel and thought it a great idea to try out the highest roller coaster ride in the world! Mr C declined.  Why is he always so much wiser than me?  Anyway I digress…so we thought we would go along and see whats new in the world of Aviation.

For those of you who are not familiar with the NBAA show, its ‘s a really productive and efficient opportunity for business, because it’s all in one place, all at one time. In my opinion, there’s no other aviation event that can match it. The key operators and industry leaders were all there in Orlando to conduct business, make buying decisions and set the stage for business aviation activity for the year ahead.

There was a huge Static Display of Aircraft at Orlando Executive Airport, with all the latest models on display.  Guess who we found looking like a male model inside the Falcon 7X? Yes its Derek Damgaard one of our Senior Aviation Consultants.  Why fancy meeting you here Derek!  He is a bit of an aircraft geek is our Derek, and he informed me that this particular Falcon 7X was the first one ever delivered in the USA back in 2007.  Well I wouldn’t have known that!

Back in Fort Lauderdale we only had one more night before heading back to the good old rain swept UK, so we decided to try a restaurant that we had never visited before.  Cafe Martarano run by Celebrity Chef, Steve Martarano.  He was at the boat show, judging ‘Galley Wars’ a sort of Super yacht Chef competition a bit like ‘Ready Steady Cook’ where the two chefs are given ingredients and a countdown against the clock to come up with an inspiring recipe.  Anyway, I thought Steve was very watchable, they call him the Godfather of Italian/American cooking and having eaten at his restaurant I can see why!  The own recipe Meatballs are awesome and the Sicilian Chicken was out of this world.

With his self-taught talent, Steve has created a venue in which as owner he is the cook, the DJ and the operator. The Martorano restaurants offer a unique atmosphere that combines exceptional food with extraordinary music and movies. This rare environment has allowed Martorano to create an ambiance that attracts clientele ranging from locals to the sexy, hip crowd to some of entertainment’s hottest celebrities.  Not bad for a back street kid from South Philly 🙂